The Different Types Of Bonuses Available On Online Casinos And How To Claim Them

There are many types of bonuses available on the online casino site; you can sign up and claim them.  Claiming the bonuses is not a difficult task; you have to just play and win the games. The kiss918 apk is the one from them which provides all kinds of fruitful bonuses to their client. All these bonuses are unique and different, but it is amazing to claim them all.

Do you want to know some of the top-class bonuses? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss them, so pay attention and have a look at them.

Welcome bonus

It is a kind of surprise for newcomers when you sign up on the online casino it is given for welcoming you on their site. The welcome bonus is claimed when you pay your first deposit in the online platform that you have chosen for playing a game. This bonus is given to all the new players of kiss918.

To claim this bonus is simply based on your amount of deposit; it is a part of your paid money.  If you want to get a high amount of welcome bonus, then you have to pay more it’s simple math.

Promotional bonus

Want to make money from doing simple clicks? If you want this bonus, then you have to do a favor for the online casino site. Only you just have to do is share the code of the online platform with your friends and known ones. This is the most effortless way to make money.

You have to do some simple clicks on the screen of your smartphone or computer to share the referral code of the online casino website. If any person opens your link of referral code and signs up in kiss918, then you will get a promotional bonus.

Cashback bonus

It is a kind of bonus in which when you pay your deposit, then a certain amount is sent back to your account in the form of a bonus. It is an amazing way to double up your money whenever you made payments; you can attain this bonus.

The process of making a deposit is simple; you just have to pay with the method you want. It is a simple and easy task. You can also double up for bankroll with the help of a cashback bonus and make it to a great extent

Monthly bonus

The monthly bonus is only given to the regular players of kiss918. If you want to attain this bonus, then you will have to play regularly on this platform. It is offered to the players who play on a regular basis and are loyal to their site. The amount of the monthly bonus can be considerable. You can use this money for playing, or it can be withdrawn as per your need. The amount of the bonus is credited on the first date of the month.


There are some of the famous bonuses mentioned above. Have a look at these and enjoy your fruitful bonuses. The most adorable bonus is a welcome one; even all bonuses have unique benefits.

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